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    1. Our ProductProfessional creates more value

      Japan Quick Coupler

      One Touch Quick Coupler-Stock
      Mass Flow Quick Coupler
      Coupler W/aluminum Socket
      Swivel Quick Coupler

      AboutProfessional, high-quality, innovative and win-win

      Cixi Youtian Pneumatic Component Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of pneumatic accessories. We are dedicated to creating a top brand in pneumatic lines on the strength of advanced technology, quality product and competitive price since founding.

      Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic couplings and pneumatic accessories for application in installation, machine, processing equipment and other related industries.

      The products of our company meet the international high level in terms of sealing performance and exterior design. Our products are found across mainland China, and also exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast, Europe, America, Canada and other countries and regions and are highly acclaimed by our customers.

      We rely on quality in brand building and seek growth in business integrity. We welcome all domestic and international customers to establish business ties with us and create a prosperous tomorrow together.

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